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Free Playground Fundraising Program

Funds For Fun

Deciding to build a new playground or add to an existing one is easy. After that decision is made, the next somewhat daunting question is, “Where will the money come from?” At All Recreation, we understand how time-consuming and demanding it is to raise funds for a playground. We designed the All Recreation Funds for Fun® Play Kit to help you get the most out of your efforts in implementing a successful fundraising program. Thorough and organized planning is the key to achieving your goals.

During a Burke analysis of fundraising, we found that people would rather give a direct monetary donation to an exciting new playground that directs all of the proceeds to the fund, than purchase unwanted things where only a portion of the money raised is put toward your goal. We also found it is much more effective to have a few fundraisers, done well and thoroughly, than to constantly be asking for money. Volunteers get worn out, and so do donors. The Funds for Fun program will eliminate the need to keep asking. Donors will be asked once for a direct cash donation and you will watch your playground fund grow!

After consulting with us, you will be given the complete play kit with easy-to-use templates to create professional communication pieces to run your playground fundraiser. The documents are pre-written and designed for you; all you have to do is customize your project information and print. It’s that easy. Running a fundraiser has never been so much fun!

Download All Recreation's Playground Funding Guide