playground safety turf

Safety Surfacing For Playgrounds

We offer great surfacing solutions to help keep your kids safe while providing an attractive, accessible playground site. Learn more about our surfacing options below.

  • Woodcarpet: This is engineered wood fiber that is firm, yet slip-resistant, simple to install, IPEMA certified and cost-effective.
  • EPDM Pour-In-Place Rubber Surfacing: Provides a seamless porous surface that accommodates safety requirements and can be customized in attractive, unique designs. 
  • Burke Turf: Surfacing that is designed to look like well-maintained grass but requiring very little upkeep.  In addition to meeting safety requirements, it can be used in a variety of settings including playgrounds, athletic fields, pet areas and landscaping. 
  • Burke Tiles: Eco-friendly tiles that are easy to install and repair, while providing excellent fall protection.