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Purchasing Contracts

At All Recreation, we want to help make your playground equipment purchase as simple as possible. We can help you cut through the red tape and avoid lengthy processes, including writing specs, issuing RFPs or jumping through other hoops. Purchasing contracts help eligible groups purchase from participating vendors in order to reduce costs and eliminate lengthy bid processes. Explore our variety of options below.


Equalis is an innovative cooperative purchasing organization that believes in the power of partnership and that when you work together you achieve more. The basic premise of the Equalis cooperative purchasing organization is to leverage the combined buying power of all members for better pricing and favorable contract terms. Equalis Group uses the lead agency model for competitively bid contracts, provides our participants the savings they expect and offers efficiencies and peace of mind within the procurement process. Learn more here.

Federal parks, child development programs, military bases and other agencies are a major priority for Burke, and agencies can purchase Burke playgrounds through Premier Playgrounds, the company's GSA contract (GS-07F-0081M ), for installation virtually anywhere in the world.
Learn more here.

NASPO ValuePoint provides the highest level of excellence in public cooperative contracting to help strengthen your state and community. BCI Burke is an awarded supplier under the NASPO ValuePoint Parks and Recreation and Installation. Learn more here.

OMNIA Partners, Public Sector (Subsidiary National IPA) is redefining the future of cooperative purchasing. The cooperative purchasing organization is dedicated to serving public agencies and educational institutions nationwide. All cooperative agreements have been competitively solicited and publicly awarded by a public agency or governmental entity. Learn more here.

As a leader in cooperative purchasing, Sourcewell is passionate about helping members fulfill their public service missions and building stronger relationships to develop practical solutions together. Learn more here.