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PROJECT: Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis

1415 Tyler Avenue Annapolis, Maryland


This playground in Annapolis Maryland was created in partnership with a Kaboom grant through BCI Burke playground company. The equipment included a Burke Nucleus Intensity playground structure added onto an existing play area. The new structure was designed to accommodate ages 5 through 12 and includes pieces for climbing, spinning, sliding as well as benches that are functional for sitting or extra climbing.

The structure was installed by community build, supervised by a CPSI installer.


  • BCI Burke Playground Equipment
  • Luge Slide
  • Fierce Spinner
  • NOVO Arc Benches
  • TakTiks Large Rope Wall
  • Kid Koaster
  • NOVO Teardrop Counter Climber

Directions from the Annapolis Town Center:

  • Head Southwest on Harker Place
  • Turn left onto Forest Drive
  • Turn right onto MD-655 E/Aris T Allen Blvd
  • Continue on Forest Drive
  • Continue on Tyler Drive to your destination


haca final project