Music has the ability to connect kids and adults on an entirely different level.  Music is playful, it is inclusive, it is sensorial and it is interactive. 

With all the benefits of making music, it has been a natural progression to include musical instruments in play and outdoor environments.  Music parks have begun to pop up all over the country and the world as the connection between nature and music has grown in popularity.

All Recreation is proud to offer several options to those interested in outdoor musical spaces for their communities.  The PlayEnsemble line includes musical instruments with a similar look and feel to our Burke playground components and can be included within the play environment as standalone pieces or connected directly to a playground structure.  We are also excited to partner with Percussion Play, one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor musical instruments, to bring more advanced musical instrument offerings for your music park.

Give us a call to explore all your music options.  Let us help you bring the joy of music and all its benefits to your play environment!