The inclusive playground movement has been with us for around 20 years now.  It was started by families who had the drive and determination to make playgrounds places where kids of all abilities could play alongside one another and challenge themselves both physically and emotionally.  In a true grass roots way, this movement has changed the way we view play and play activities one playground at a time. 

All Recreation, in partnership with BCI Burke, believes that ALL children should have equal access to participate in play.  Our goal is simple: offer play experiences that appeal to all levels within the same play environment.  It is never too late to bring play experiences for all levels to an existing playground.  There are many standalone play experiences that can be added into the footprint of your play area. 

Because we are passionate about making sure kids of ALL abilities have access to play, we wanted to make sure to give a shout out to some of the latest inclusive pieces that we offer, to continue this most important aspect of playground design:

The Roller Table:  This table offers a 12 inch transfer platform and the opportunity to use overhead rails to roll in a way that develops balance, strength and coordination.

The Zip Venture Freedom: Offers a similar experience to the ZipVenture zip line but with a seat that is designed to support the back and core.  It can be paired with a ZipVenture Duo so that zip lines are side by side, offering the opportunity to place a ZipVenture Freedom next to a ZipVenture.

Inclusive Orbit:  This product provides a spinning experience whose platform is flush with pour in place surfacing, allowing easy entry for those in wheelchairs.  It offers three ways to ride; open space for a wheelchair, seated, or standing.

The Orb Rocker:  This rocker has four traditional seats as well as a platform in the middle that has space enough for an additional four.  This platform is open and accessible to allow for various seated and laying positions and gives caretakers easy access.

All Recreation is your premier provider of playgrounds, site amenities, safety surfacing, shades and shelters.  We would love to assist you with all your inclusive playground needs in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC and Kentucky.  Give us a call at 1-888-419-0001.