If you have an upcoming playground purchase, you might be wondering which products are most popular. We install hundreds of playgrounds a year throughout Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia and these are several of the top products that are trending in our area. 


One of the most universally requested products for the playground right now is shade. We are incorporating shade into almost every playground we create in varying ways. Some organizations choose free standing shade which comes in a range of sizes and can be added inside, outside and over the playground. Others are opting to use shade to create outdoor classrooms and seating areas placing site amenities beneath the shade structure. The third option is to add shade directly to the playground or swing structure itself at the time of production with canopies or roof toppers.


Another highly requested product line is the STEMPlay™ collection. Kids learn by playing so why not incorporate learning into the playground? STEMPlay turns science and engineering concepts into interactive panels that draw kids in for hands on exploration. These are ground level activities that are inclusive and help to develop creativity and problem-solving skills. The panels explore subjects such as momentum, gravity, gears and Newton’s laws.


Our final trending product takes the age-old motion of swinging but makes it inclusive and social. This product is known as the Cirrus Swing and it has a very comfortable disc-like platform that accommodates multiple kids and those kids who may have mobility limitations. The benefits of swinging are well-documented including developing proprioceptive senses. The benefit of a multi-user play event is that it increases the opportunity for social interaction. And who doesn’t want to increase opportunities for social engagement for today’s kids?


These are just three amazing products that we are installing with great frequency in our corner of the world of play, but there are many more exciting products that we would love to show you. Get in touch and let us know how we can help with your next playground or outdoor recreation project!