All children need physically activity even during the season of low temperatures, bad weather and fewer hours of natural light.  It is too easy to slip into some comfy slippers, cover with a blanket and plug in all day.   


Here are some fun ideas to keep you and your kids moving this winter:


1) Don’t be afraid to still go outdoors!  As long as you are properly prepared you can still enjoy nature in all its winter beauty.

-Wear warm clothes, gloves, hats and mittens

-Bring some hot cocoa or warm cider to keep you toasty

-Play some high energy games to get the blood pumping: football, tag, sledding, snowball fights or build a snowman

-Go ice skating or sledding, there is nothing more exhausting then walking back up enormous hills through the snow!

-Our personal favorite, find an outdoor fitness course or fitness focused playground



2) Get physical indoors!  Just because you are inside doesn’t mean you cannot keep your kids active.  

- Build an obstacle course and time each other

- Blow up a bunch of balloons and keep them from touching the ground

- Have a good old dance party and see who has the best moves

- Make a temporary hopscotch on the kitchen floor with painter tape

- Limbo

- Musical chairs

- Hula hoop contest

- Inflatable playspace


Here’s to doing all you can do to just keep moving this winter!