Ashburn Village is a residential community and HOA in Northern Virginia about 30 miles west of Washington, DC.  It has over 5,000 residential homes and 15,000 residents.  The community development began in 1987 and is nearly complete.  Because of the age of the community, the time had come to replace its original commercial playground equipment. Having worked with Ashburn Village when the community was brand new, All Recreation was pleased to be able to come back to help them replace seven different playground sites throughout the community.  Each playground features a unique design and layout which offers the community a variety of play experiences.

Many large communities like Ashburn Village face similar a similar situation when it comes to playground equipment replacement, especially when playgrounds age around the same time. When presented with the need to replace multiple playgrounds, communities have several choices.  The first is to use a phased approach where a community budgets for a certain number of replacements per year.  In this case, it is always helpful to consider prioritizing playgrounds that may have safety or compliance issues.  The second choice is to replace all playgrounds at the same time.  In some instances this can save a community money and the aggravation of having to endure yearly installations.  If you need to replace multiple playgrounds and are concerned about having the resources to do so, many playground companies offer financing options to their customers to ease that burden.

All Recreation has over 30 years of experience helping communities and HOAs, both large and small, with their playground needs and we are more than happy to provide a site visit and talk about your unique circumstances and options.