Beat the Heat by Adding Shade

Temperatures are soaring this summer but despite mother nature, we all know that getting kids outside is great for their mental and physical health. There are several ways to keep kids safe when the temperatures are near triple digits. Drinking plenty of water and taking necessary breaks from the heat are two strategies that come to mind. The other strategy is to add shade. By adding shade and blocking the sun’s rays, it can feel 10 to 15 degrees cooler.

The use of shade on the playground is no longer just a trend. Many communities are opting to incorporate shade into their playground structures and overall playground design. Shade canopies and roofs provide options to protect both kids and equipment from over exposure to the sun. Stand-alone shade structures and shelters can be options for larger park designs that have additional space.

Here are just some of the many shade options available:

COVID-19 has amplified the use of outdoor recreation space in ways we could not have imagined before. We are now seeing familiar outdoor recreation products in a new light. Here are some trends in recreation that are a direct result of all we have been through in 2020:

Outdoor Classrooms

Shade and shelters can function as outdoor classrooms for small groups, socially distanced classes or as a new place to get work done independently.

Site Amenities

Suddenly, we all want our favorite restaurants, lunch spots or park view to have outdoor seating. More playground structures, outdoor tables, chairs, benches and receptacles are in high demand, as more communities and organizations plan for places to be outdoors.

Make Your Own Recess

With many students facing distanced or hybrid learning, playground time at recess is going to look a little different this year, but it is no less important. Community parks and neighborhood playgrounds will function as a break from academic work with everyone breaking at different times and in different ways. Hand sanitizer stations and good handwashing will also be a necessary partner in this process.

Dog Parks

COVID has led to an increase in pet adoptions and purchases. The increase in dog ownership has led to an increase in dog park interest. With a little bit of extra space and planning, communities can create this highly requested amenity.

Social Fitnessing

We crave movement and there has been a growing trend to move more outdoors. Outdoor fitness equipment provides the perfect spot to be social while making sure we get adequate exercise each day. More communities are seeing the value in providing outdoor spaces to safely come together and get fit at the same time.

Creating Outdoor Playgrounds and Recreation Spaces

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