Creating playgrounds where ALL children have equal access to play events is what the term Inclusive means to us.  Each year, as new products are released, we are thrilled to share with our customers the new and exciting ways that Burke is making equal access a top priority.  So, without further delay, here are the new inclusive playground product offerings for 2021.

The Brava Universal Swing

This completely new and unique design is a stand-alone piece that provides an independent swinging experience for kids of all abilities.  It has a flexible seat and allows kids to use their arms, legs or core to create movement.  The swing is for single or multiple users, creating opportunities for connection.

The Serenity Spot

Kids with any type of sensory needs will love the features of the new Serenity Spot.  It provides a calm bridge to the activity level and noise often found on a playground.  It is a fort-like atmosphere where a child can manipulate self-stimulating spinners, kick flaps, mirrors and games.  The Serenity Spot can be a standalone piece near the playground, or be incorporated into the play structure, which makes it extremely versatile for many communities.

The Accessible Gaga Ball Pit

Gaga ball is a great game that brings kids of all ages together, especially those that may have aged out of the playground.  Previously, the fixed perimeter panels of the pit have been a drawback for communities wanting to include and accommodate players with disabilities.  Burke’s accessible Gaga Ball Pit has a panel that slides up easily to allow for access as needed, bringing everyone to the game.


These products join an ever-expanding lineup of inclusive Burke playground pieces:

·        The Inclusive Orbit

·      The Volta Inclusive Spinner

·        The Cruiser

·        The Orb Rocker

·        The Freedom Swing

·        The Volito

·        The Zip Venture Freedom

·        The Roller Table


We would love to help you design your next inclusive playground or provide ideas on how to bring inclusive pieces to your existing playground.  #weALLneedplay