In addition to physical movement, developing children need sensory experiences. They can get these in variety of places on the playground. Ropes are tactile. Music play engages hearing. Equipment and surfacing colors draw the eye to different playground experiences. In the new product line up for 2023, BCI Burke has added products that contribute to sensory experiences through different materials such as sand, water, and found objects. Below we explore these new options and their developmental opportunities.


Sand and Water Spots: The sand and water spots can stand alone or be attached under a playground platform. They can come in single or double table options. As the name suggests, sand, water or any loose parts can be added to their basins for play.


Balance Scale™: Imagine bringing the concept of weight and balance to the outdoors. Kids can use this free-standing scale to gather found objects and see how they measure against the others. It’s learning disguised as play.


Turbo Machine™: On this piece, loose parts can be sent through a funnel that can causes a turbine to spin. Kids can use their creativity and natural collaboration skills to experiment with this piece.


Art Spot™: The Art Spot™ provides kids with the opportunity to create art outdoors with a blank and reusable canvas for painting. Fine motor, visual perception, and decision-making skills are all sharpened with activities involving painting and art.


Twist and Swirl™: Here kids take found objects and send them down a spiral shut, encouraging the exploration of gravity. They can experiment with the impact of different materials on the experience.


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