In honor of Park and Recreation month, we’ve put together a photo collage of our park projects throughout Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. We want to take this opportunity to say what a privilege it is to get to work with organizations whose core mission is to promote beautiful greenspace and recreational opportunities.


The efforts of our Park and Recreation departments truly benefit everyone. Spending time in nature promotes physical and mental well-being. Recreation is meant to restore us and can be accessible no matter our ability or stage in life. Play allows us to take a break from seriousness and improvise. Having spaces to gather allows us to be in community. When we say, “we ALL need play”, this is what we mean. We ALL deserve the opportunity to take a break from the rigors of everyday life and immerse ourselves in play, recreation, nature, and community. Thanks to Parks and Recreation, we have spaces dedicated to these important aspects of our well-being.


Some of the featured projects in this collection include:


·        Portsmouth City Park, Portsmouth, VA

·        Wilmer Park, Chestertown, MD

·        Kiwanis Park, Williamsburg, VA

·        Ralph H. Dean Park, Luray, VA

·        Garden City Park, Roanoke, VA

·        16th Street Park, Washington, DC

·        Utica Park, Frederick, MD


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