From design to finished product, the playground at Lincoln Terrace Elementary School in Roanoke, Virginia is the perfect school play environment for ages 2 to 5 years old. The bold primary colors invite the kids to the custom Synergy® playground that includes 4 slides and many climbing opportunities. This playground features equipment by manufacturer, BCI Burke, an innovative creator of quality play and fitness spaces.


In addition to the structure, there are also stand-alone play events for the kids to explore. A PlayEnsemble® music area is covered by shade and gives kids of all abilities the opportunity to be creative with musical instruments. In the opposite corner, another shaded area includes Novo® tables and play panels. One of the tables has space for wheelchair seating. The Volito swing is large, and disc-like, which lets children ride from a seated or a reclined position, offering options to kids with varying abilities. With capacity for up to four, it helps to develop spatial awareness and social interaction. A doctor’s office Discovery Station™ rounds out the stand-alone events, providing plenty of pretend and imaginative play experiences that are so necessary for development.


The amenities and safety surfacing on this playground also bring an element of play to the overall design. In addition to the Novo® tables found under the shade canopy, there are several Novo® benches and receptacles. The Novo® Playful Furniture amenities bring color and fun to the functional design. Finally, the unitary pour-in-place rubber surfacing adds to the color scheme while providing excellent fall protection and ease of use for those with mobility devices.


This thoughtfully designed playground is full of small details that add up to one great space. It is always exciting to take a customer from design to install, and even better to watch the playground bring excitement, movement, and development to the kids.