Whether you manage apartments, oversee a homeowners association or work for builder/developer, if your job is to build communities then playgrounds and recreation equipment can help with your value proposition. There are several reasons why spending your resources in this area can enhance the community you manage and generate a return on your investment.


First, as with any outdoor improvement, adding play and recreation equipment enhances the aesthetics of your community.  Adding play can take an unused or underused outdoor space and help people reimagine it as a communal space.  People are drawn to spaces that are well-maintained.  Adding a playground, a grouping of benches, or even a fresh layer of woodcarpet, will keep your community common space useable and in top notch care.


Second, adding play or recreational equipment is adding an amenity to your community’s list of features. These amenities speak to distinct populations differently with the same end, to build community.  Children and families see friendships and playtime with a play structure.  Adults see wellness with fitness equipment. People who enjoy entertaining see gathering spaces for parties with outdoor shelters.  Animal lovers appreciate amenities for their pets such as waste stations and fenced in dog parks.  


Finally, play and recreational equipment help to lower turnover rates and tenant retention.  People want to stay in places that are beautiful, where they have roots, and they feel they are re-invested in by management. Communities grow in value when people have good experiences and build collective impressions of a space. Turnover and retention directly affect the bottom line and boost property values in all types of housing.


If your community is ready to add recreational features, consider who you are trying to attract and what amenities might draw them to your community, in addition to space allocation and budget.  For playground builds or renovations there are many options to choose from at every size and price point imaginable. If budget or space is an issue, consider stand alone equipment pieces that can be added to over time to work together. This method works well with play equipment, exercise stations and pet amenities. With some minimal landscaping, benches and trash receptacles can also provide an ideal way to enjoy nature in a group or throughout a community.




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