We, at All Recreation, are bursting with pride because we were able to help one of our favorite organizations, Brainy Camps. We share the following testimonial with you to show how important this game is to the kids who play it. Let us know when you are ready to go Gaga at your organization!

A Heartfelt Thanks From Brainy Camps

What would camp be without gaga?? As far as the kids who attend Brainy Camps* are concerned, camp would be far less than perfect because gaga is the best thing there is. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past decade, gaga is the new dodgeball, with hits allowed only from the knee down. It's fun, it's inclusive and, if you win, you are the gaga master, revered by all and challenged unmercifully until you are knocked from your position of esteem.

A few months before the start of our 2018 camp session, we realized we had no gaga pit at this year's campsite and we went into a panic. The kids would be dejected, the counselors enraged and camp would not be camp without a steady fix of gaga everyday. So, we did what all camps in a panic would do, we put out a call for help to all our Brainy Camps families and friends...and within 15 minutes, Krissi Moineau responded that she would ask her employer, All Recreation, Inc., if they would help us out. By the next day, All Recreation, Inc. had donated a gaga pit to Brainy Camps. And not just any gaga pit. They donated a PORTABLE gaga pit that we can take with us to our new campsite in Upper Marlboro, MD when we move there in 2020.

Well, the rest is Brainy Camps history. . To say the least, gaga was the hit of the summer. Every child in every camp LOVED it. And that includes every child in every camp that shared the campsite with us. From Brainy Camps' 10 condition specific camps to the soccer camps, basketball camps, football camps and karate camps that stayed at Blue Ridge School this summer, all the kids loved gaga. Playing gaga was the first thing the kids did in the morning and the last thing they did at night. Gaga served as an ice breaker to get kids playing together when they arrived at camp, a stress releaser when tempers flared and a tie breaker when Camp Olympics had no clear winner. It was so popular that the headmaster of our host school said he had to add a new line item to his school's budget to include a gaga pit for his students.

So, it goes without saying that we love All Recreation, Inc. for its generosity and for stepping in at the 11th hour and saving the day. You are our hero!!

With great warmth and appreciation,
The Brainy Camps Crew

*Brainy Camps Association is a nonprofit organization that provides condition-specific, medically managed camps and services for children with chronic health conditions. The conditions we serve include high functioning autism spectrum disorders, Tourette syndrome, neurofibromatosis, epilepsy, sickle cell anemia, type 1 diabetes, heart disorders, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus and transitional youth. We also offer a series of cooking classes for families with children at risk for obesity, family camps for young children with type 1 diabetes, online support groups, and leadership training.