Welcome, Jim Patton, Tennessee Recreational Specialist

All Recreation is pleased to announce the addition of our newest team member, Jim Patton, Recreational Specialist in Tennessee.

Jim attended the University of South Carolina Culinary Arts Institute and spent over a decade as Chef and restaurant manager. Jim's enthusiasm for working with the people is unrivaled and eventually led him to a career as a salesmen. Once serving up dishes, he now serves up play! ! He believes the customer and the customer's needs always comes first and are the key to success and growth. Jim is an avid live music fan living in Nashville with his wife and daughters. 

 Jim is excited to offer professional sales, delivery & installation of the nation's leading playground equipment, site amenities, safety surfacing, and recreational structuring throughout the state of Tennessee. Jim will be an always involved consultant and liaison, remaining a lifelong asset to his clients as a professional and as a friend within the industry.