Trending: Themed Playgrounds

With today’s infatuation with technology, we are always searching for new ways to encourage kids to get outside and play. Themed playgrounds are a great idea because they have all the physical benefits of a traditional playground, but they also encourage children to use their minds and develop their own games. They can use these themes to act out roles they have seen in other situations, such as astronauts, cowboys, or pirates.

 Imaginative play has been proven to have cognitive and social benefits including an improvement in children’s language, creativity, interactions between other children, and an understanding of the world around them. Studies have even concluded that children can experience an increase in their concentration abilities if they spend more time in imaginative play.

 Choosing a theme is a great way to get the community involved by asking for their input and what they would like to see for the new playground. This can cause the playground to be more meaningful as it could have a tie to local culture or history. It can also establish a connection between the people and the playground since they helped to design it, which can encourage them and their kids to use it more frequently.

 The amount of freedom that you have when designing a playground makes this an attractive option. There are numerous options to choose from including custom made pieces of equipment for specialty themes. Some examples of themed playgrounds include the newly completed Great Falls Chase in Potomac Falls, Virginia, which has a castle theme that even features a dragon. Another great example is the peter pan themed playground at Elmwood Park in Roanoke, Virginia, which allows kids to imagine they are part of the famous story.

 Nature themed playgrounds are becoming hugely popular because they connect kids with the natural world and they make for a more realistic setting. They can also be easier to maintain which can even make them more inexpensive than traditional playgrounds. When determining a theme for your playground, be sure to consider what would interest and excite children the most, and create an imaginative space that they can enjoy for many years.

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