Top 3 Burke Pieces

Who knows play better than children?  We went straight to the source with our new catalog and asked children to pick their top 3 favorite items.

Wobbly Web

Add an extra climbing challenge to your playground with the Wobbly Web rope climber. Kids will have so much fun playing and socializing, they won't even realize they are building strength, balance and coordination.



It challenges children ages 5-12 to utilize their strength, balance and coordination. It can be used by a single child or by a group of children for maximum play ability. The motion of the Comet is created by the children's strength as it is mounted on an angle to provide interaction with the force of gravity. 



It's a climber...It's a spinner...It's a new spin on climbing! The REV8 is a new rotating climber that takes the Merry-Go-Round to a whole new level. The play value is endless - users can push, spin, sit, run or climb on one of eight climbers while having so much fun they won't realize they are honing important skills such as balance and coordination. With room for up to 25 children, there is enough space for everyone to play together on this unique event!