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Have you heard of the latest craze in play that is sweeping the nation?  It’s called Gaga Ball and it is making its way to recreation centers, camps, neighborhoods and schools. Gaga, which means “touch-touch”, is an older game that is making an amazing comeback.  The game is both simple and high energy while improving hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking skills.

The new 2017 Burke and Dumor catalogs are now available online. Click on the catalog cover below to view.

Fitness Playgrounds

Who knows play better than children?  We went straight to the source with our new catalog and asked children to pick their top 3 favorite items.

Wobbly Web

Students at a local Loudoun County Elementary School created the video below to teach others how to use their new buddy benches.

We think they did an amazing job!

If you are considering purchasing site amenities for your recreation or outdoor space, there are many opportunities to customize your products. Choosing a unique color scheme, creating a customized plaque, and designing a bench with a school name included in the backrest are a few ways that you can personalize your amenities to fit your style.

Sometimes it is the simplest ideas that are the most effective.