All Recreation is pleased to welcome, Christine Komar as Maryland Recreational Specialist.


2016 is bringing new and exciting changes to All Recreation. We are pleased to announce our partnership with BCI Burke for commercial playgrounds and play equipment. 

We have chosen to partner with BCI Burke because they offer:

As we shift into the colder weather months it becomes necessary to consider maintenance with any fabric shade structure.  Every shade structure comes with manufacturer recommendations for care.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with these recommendations as they include information on wind and snow load.   Weather conditions can cause changes to shade fabric.  In particular, fabrics can stretch due to sno

As PTOs and PTAs are being asked to fund more needs of today’s schools, they are becoming key decision makers in the purchasing of everything from technology to supplies.  When it comes to deciding on new or add-on playground equipment for a school, here are the top 5 things to consider to help simplify the process for your organization.

With today’s infatuation with technology, we are always searching for new ways to encourage kids to get outside and play. Themed playgrounds are a great idea because they have all the physical benefits of a traditional playground, but they also encourage children to use their minds and develop their own games.

If you are considering purchasing site amenities for your recreation or outdoor space, there are many opportunities to customize your products. Choosing a unique color scheme, creating a customized plaque, and designing a bench with a school name included in the backrest are a few ways that you can personalize your amenities to fit your style.

     The National Recreation and Park Association is celebrating 30 years of Park and Recreation Month, which promotes the importance of parks and outdoor activities. Parks are essential to communities as they provide a place for adults and children to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Observed every year on April 22nd Earth Day is a time to demonstrate support for environmental protection.  My youngest son was born on Earth day, so not only do we get to celebrate his day of birth but we also use it as a learning opportunity to teach the children small ways that they can help make a difference. 


April 20th – 24th is National Playground Safety Week This is a great time to discuss playground safety with your child.  Whether your children are at school or with another adult, there will be times when you are not there to supervise their playground activity. 

All children need physical activity even during the season of low temperatures, nasty weather and fewer hours of natural light.  It is too easy to slip into some comfy slippers, cover up with a blanket and plug in all day.

Here are some fun ideas to keep you and your kids moving this winter: