Project Spotlight: Columbia Heights Recreation Center

Columbia Heights Recreation Center

     Washington, DC is known as the metropolitan area with the most parks. This has contributed to the claim that the District is one of the fittest cities in the country. The District of Columbia Department of Parks and Recreation has decided to continue this trend by installing a new playground at the Columbia Heights Recreation Center off of Girard Street. 

     Originally this area had a few play structures, but the equipment was old, outdated, and the overall area was under utilized. The area now includes a playground with two separate sections, one for kids ages two through five, and another for kids ages five through twelve. This provides safe areas for kids to play in, while promoting an active lifestyle and cooperation between kids of similar ages. The park itself also includes a synthetic turf field for sports activities, a rubber basketball court, a spray park, and a NEOS system.

     All Recreation stands behind the statement that everyone needs play, and providing children a space to play in encourages them to get outside, while maintaining a healthy fitness level.