Inclusive Playground Opens at Loudoun County School

Ashburn, VA – Locally owned recreational products company, All Recreation, announces the completion of Loudoun County’s latest inclusive playground at Discovery Elementary in Ashburn.  Loudoun County opened its first inclusive playground at Sycolin Creek Elementary School in Leesburg, VA back in 2012.  All Recreation was also involved in the design and installation of Sycolin Creek’s playground.

Work on the playground at DiscoveryElementary School concluded last week and a ribbon cutting ceremony was held on October 24th.  The ceremony was widely attended by the Discovery community as well as those that worked diligently to bring the project together.

The goal of any inclusive playground is to ensure children of varying skills and abilities can play along side one another.  Certain features of Discovery’s new playground will do just that.  These features include a ground to deck wheelchair ramp, over 10 free-standing or ground accessible level panels and a climbing tunnel that can act as a quiet space for those with sensorial needs.  The Quatro see-saw is an updated and inclusive version of its traditional playground ancestor, allowing for more than four children to play along side one another and others to enjoy the ride from a platform in the middle. Even the surfacing below the playground, a pour in place rubber known as EPDM, ensures safety as well as easy access to the playground equipment for those that have physical disabilities.