Celebrating National Parks and Recreation Month

     The National Recreation and Park Association is celebrating 30 years of Park and Recreation Month, which promotes the importance of parks and outdoor activities. Parks are essential to communities as they provide a place for adults and children to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It has been proven that exercise is beneficial for the body and the mind since it can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of certain diseases. Parks can also increase the quality of life in a community as well as the economic value. Studies have shown that private property values increase when they are in close proximity with a park.This month is all about celebrating parks and recreation, and it serves as a reminder to get outside, appreciate nature, and have fun!

     The National Recreation and Park Association has decided on the 1980s for this years theme, and their blog has a list of fun ideas to encourage kids to get creative and get some exercise. Their website also contains a map that displays the locations throughout the country that currently have events planned for this month. If you would like to add your own event, or have any questions about this month’s activities, you can contact Roxanne Sutton at rsutton@nrpa.org or Lauren Hoffmann at lhoffmann@nrpa.org.