Are You Sure About the Safety of Your Surfacing?

As an ambassador of play and recreational products, we are often asked why a customer would choose to buy engineered wood fiber instead of mulch or woodchips for their safety surfacing.  Although they may appear similar, there are several reasons why engineered wood fiber is a superior choice for playground surfacing.


First and foremost, engineered wood fiber meets current safety standards for fall heights up to 12 feet.  This means that the wood has been engineered to absorb impact in a way that mulch/wood chips have not.  Choosing engineered wood fiber therefore offers excellent fall protection for children using play equipment.


There are several additional reasons for choosing engineered wood fiber.  Engineered wood is created to be a firm and slip resistant material which also contributes to playground safety.  With proper maintenance, it meets or exceeds accessibility requirements set forth for ADA.  Finally, engineered wood fiber is a higher quality material that is more durable than its mulch or woodchip counterparts.  So although it may need a yearly top off to comply with safety standards, the engineered wood base will not need to be completely removed and reinstalled.  The multi-layer compaction is what keeps the engineered wood lasting longer.  Best of all, wood fiber is easy to install and maintain.




All Recreation has been guiding customers on engineered wood fiber and safety surfacing choices for over 30 years.  We offer a quality IPEMA certified product known as Woodcarpet that we would be happy to discuss with you at any time.