10 Earth Day Activities for Kids

Observed every year on April 22nd Earth Day is a time to demonstrate support for environmental protection.  My youngest son was born on Earth day, so not only do we get to celebrate his day of birth but we also use it as a learning opportunity to teach the children small ways that they can help make a difference. 

While the overall meaning of Earth Day may be hard for small children to understand, we have used the simple ideas below to introduce them to environmentalism:

1. Plant a small tree- then go out and measure it every year to see how it has grown

2. Build a birdhouse

3. Visit a local recycling center

4. Ride your bike to work/school

5. Pick up litter at your local playground

6. Have a nature scavenger hunt

7. Read books about Earth Day

8. Talk with your children about saving electricity and water at home 

9. Make a nature craft

10. Play in the mud